To use White Risk offline, a distinction should be made between the web application and the app:

  • The White Risk web application (EXPLORE, LEARN, TOUR and PRO) is available online in your internet browser and thus requires an internet connection, but does not require installation on your computer.

  • If you have downloaded the desktop presenter for the PRO application to your Mac/PC, you can create animations for your presentations and present them offline. You need a valid Pro subscription to access the Desktop Presenter. Downloaded media from Media Explorer can be included in your PowerPoint presentations.

  • You can use the White Risk App on your smartphone. If you want to use maps offline, you can download topo maps for any region with the available layers and save them locally on your device. You can delete these maps at any time. With a valid standard subscription, the amount of maps you can download is unlimited. Note, however, that the maps on your device may require a lot of memory.