What does White Risk consist of?

White Risk is a comprehensive platform for avalanche prevention and consists of the modules TOUR, EXPLORE, LERN and Pro.


This sub-site enables you to plan any number of tours completely online. It encompasses topographic maps with various additional layers. The Swiss topographical maps (Swisstopo) are supplemented with special avalanche terrain maps and slope angle layers as well as ski and snowshoe tours. You can enter personal planning data, e.g. information on conditions or weather, details of group participants, accommodation, travel etc. You also automatically receive an elevation profile with time calculation from your self-drawn routes. Another interesting feature is the automatic detection of cruxes (only for Switzerland) considering avalanche terrain. Tour plans are synchronized in the TOUR module of the White Risk app and made available there for use offline. They can also be printed in PDF format. The Standard plan gives you access to all topographic maps with additional layers and all planning options.


In the knowledge section you can learn all about avalanches. Within the five chapters, you can learn a lot about avalanches or refresh your knowledge by means of texts and pictures, supplemented by animations and films as well as interactive tools. Whether you use EXPLORE to deepen your knowledge, as a reference book or simply to browse and try out, you will experience interactive avalanche knowledge.


In a series of coordinated lessons, this module teaches you more about avalanche science step by step. Each lesson has a learning objective. Entertaining exercises serve as an incentive to put into practice and consolidate what has been learnt. You will receive direct feedback. At the end of each lesson you can test your newly acquired knowledge in a quiz. Each of the lessons also contains numerous links to related topics in the EXPLORE module.


White Risk PRO gives you access to the presentation module, which is used for teaching purposes in particular. In the Media Explorer you can download lots of visuals, images and videos for use in presentations (e.g. PowerPoint). 

You can also use the specially developed, user-friendly Desktop Presenter to show interactive media offline and embed the content in PowerPoint presentations. Only holders of a valid PRO plan can access the Desktop Presenter. PowerPoint presentation templates are also available.


By way of the avalanche bulletin and snow and weather data, the smartphone app White Risk gives you up-to-date information about the snow and avalanche situation in Switzerland. The TOUR function provided by the app allows you to plot tours offline, edit existing tours, and display existing tours on maps. Any number of topographic maps with all the layers for any section can be downloaded, irrespective of the tours that you have planned. The smartphone’s GPS function shows the user’s current location on the trip plan. You can share planned tours directly with your friends.