Learn everything about marking and evaluating cruxes in your tour planning

What Are Cruxes?

Cruxes are particularly tricky or challenging places on your ski or snowshoe tour. In White Risk you can mark cruxes on the map.

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How Do I Add a Key Point to a Tour?

Before you start, open the tour for which you want to mark a crux.

Click on the crux tool in the upper right corner of the map and place the crux by clicking on the desired location on the map.
Long press to place a crux
Long press to place a crux

Evaluate Cruxes

To better estimate the risk of a crux, you can use the graphical reduction method. To do this, move the two sliders for the slope and the avalanche danger.

Learn how to use the graphical reduction method

What Is Meant by “Favorable Slope”?

In the avalanche bulletin, a core zone is indicated for the avalanche danger. In the example below, this is In the example below, this is "At all exposures above around 2200m".

If the crux outside this core zone, you can activate the option "Favorable Slope".

Can Cruxes Also Be Marked Automatically?

Yes, White Risk can automatically detect cruxes.