Draw Routes

The centerpiece of tour planning is the drawing routes. A ski tour consists of one main route and several alternative routes.

How do I add a route?

After selecting a tour in the web application you can easily add a main or alternative route with the buttons on the map in the upper right corner. How to add a route in the apps you can see in the according screenshots.

How do I edit a route?

You can edit a route by clicking it on the map. This leads you to the editing mode. Here you have different possibilities:

  • Extend route

  • Add waypoints to the existing route

  • Delete waypoints of the existing route (Click on a waypoint to delete it)

  • Change color of the route

  • Reverse route direction

  • Delete route

Follow trails

In White Risk you have the possibility to let your routes follow the hiking trails. To use this feature just enable follow paths by clicking the «Magnet» symbol in the route drawing mode. Changes can be reversed by clicking the ↩️ button.